Cauvery Calling & PIL Drama — Part 2

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4 min readFeb 28, 2021


So, the drama of PIL against Cauvery Calling has reached the next stage — basically culmination. If you have missed the first part of this topic, you can still catch up.

  • The very first argument placed in front of the court against the Cauvery Calling project was that money was being collected for planting trees in government lands.
  • The second argument is that Cauvery Calling is being projected falsely as the Karnataka State Government’s project.

Everyone knows that this is not true. However, the judicial process in India is such that it has to be investigated and closed out properly.

Not 10,000 crore funds

The Cauvery Calling website shows (as of Feb 2021) that 5.5 crore trees have been contributed so far.

Of this, about 2 crore trees have been promised by the Karnataka state government through its nurseries.

So, the remaining is about 3.5 crore trees for which funds have been raised. At Rs 42 per tree, it comes to Rs 147 crores. The High court of Karnataka has advised checking if this fund has been collected promising plantation in government lands.

A few people are trying to mislead spreading information that a scam of Rs 10,000 crores is being questioned by the court. Hope sensible people can see what the truth is in this regard.

Not Government lands and Not Government Project

Shri. B.S. Yediyurappa explained: “The Forest Department is already preparing 2 crore saplings for distribution. They can be used for this movement. I have already instructed the Forest Department to ready crores of saplings to fulfill Sadhguru’s wishes and stop the destruction of forests and increase green cover so that Mother Cauvery flows again. In order for this movement to succeed, the state government of Karnataka will support it fully in every possible way because we consider it our duty to do so. May Cauvery flow in full glory again.”

It is very clear from the Karnataka Chief Minister’s statement that he has only promised support for the project and not that the Government itself is taking over this project.

So, nowhere has a claim been made by either Isha or Karnataka Government that Cauvery Calling is a Karnataka State Government project.

The project website itself states clearly that the plantation has been planned in private farmer lands.

The Isha Outreach wing also gave a press release a few days back that the Cauvery Calling project is theirs and not of the Government.

The Karnataka forest department has also openly declared that the project is not owned by the Karnataka State Government nor is it planning to plant saplings on Government or Forest lands.

So, fundamentally the only thing that is pending is for the court proceedings to come to a closure, once the Isha Outreach wing publishes relevant records to the court regarding fund collection.

This is very simple and straightforward “news”. Yet, people who are against Sadhguru & Isha are trying to take mileage out of even such simple news.

This post is for those who may fall victim to such propaganda machinery.

If you did not know this, the petitioner himself had been removed from the case by the court, because he acted in direct violation of law due to his hatred towards Isha.



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