China looting US data

Those interested in what’s happening with #China will NOT be surprised to know that China has ‘stolen more’ US data ‘than every other nation combined’ as per the head of #FBI in the #USA.

Christopher Wray, FBI Director, said at the House Homeland Security Committee’s annual worldwide threats hearing: “China’s vast hacking program is the world’s largest, and they have stolen more Americans’ personal and business data than every other nation combined”

In July 2022, Wray warned that it’s not just through hacking that the Chinese state-backed threats act, but “by making investments and creating partnerships that position their proxies to steal valuable technology.”

There are still unresolved questions about data sharing between Chinese companies and the government in Beijing, said Wray. Interestingly, Wray has highlighted the prevalence of TikTok and its parent Chinese company ByteDance as one major intelligence concern.

You might have known that the Indian Government had banned TikTok citing security concerns some months back. Perhaps that ban on many Chinese apps, along with TikTok, stands validated now as the FBI also wants something similar to happen in the USA.



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