Distraction, On The Toilet

In a survey conducted by #NordVPN earlier this year, about 65% of respondents (of 9,800 adults surveyed) have said they used their phones in the bathroom/toilet. No surprises there and am sure the trend will be similar in India as well.

Nir Eyal, an author & lecturer who writes about habits, focus, and human behavior, says:

“Look, there are two types of people in the world — People who check their phone in the bathroom, and people who lie about checking their phone in the bathroom.”

People have been reading books in the toilet for a long time. Are smartphones making people sit in the toilet longer and is it healthy? Whether you are playing a game, making a FaceBook post, or reading a book, sitting in the toilet for over 10 minutes is not healthy!

Dr. Roshini Raj, a gastroenterologist at NYU Langone, and the author of “Gut Renovation” says that sitting in the toilet longer could lead to issues like hemorrhoids, our bodies starting to ignore the peristalsis movements of the digestive tract, more exposure to pathogens, etc.

Eyal says: “There’s nothing wrong with taking your phone to the bathroom for a few minutes and doing your business and then coming out. But if you said, ‘Oh, I planned to be with my kids, but now I stayed in the bathroom for 30 minutes scrolling on TikTok or Instagram, well, now you’re distracted because you planned to do something and now you’re not doing it. So that’s the best piece of advice: to know what you wanted to do with your time so that you have a priority to spend your time doing that thing, rather than wasting it”

Phones or other portable devices aren’t inherently bad or are insurmountably distracting. 90% of the time we get distracted by our devices because of what’s happening within us. Knowing that and managing our time better is the key, especially in the toilet.



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