Elephant War Against Bharat

Nobody Chases Elephants

In this old video, there are a few elephants seen running near Isha Yoga Center. This does not mean they were chased.

Not a Herd

Secondly, if one knows anything about elephants, one would know that elephants are herd beings. They always move in a group. Sightings of elephants near Isha have not been like a big herd of elephants. These are just stray elephants which have moved away from a herd.

False News

Third, even in the latest incident of an elephant that died some 5 kms from Isha Center, these fake activists tried to frame that Isha folks only chased the elephant. There has been no proof for it and even the District Forest Officer clarified that.

Why Rake This Up Again?

Basically, these people are trying to cement a baseless allegation on the Isha Foundation that Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore is in an Elephant Corridor. However, this allegation has been disproved many times over it is not so.

Why Elephants Come In That Area?

OK, the next logical question that comes to mind is that if Isha is not an elephant corridor, why are such elephants seen near the Isha Center at times?

Elephants All Over Coimbatore

There is lot of documented media reports about elephants coming into the Coimbatore city through the years.

What Does Isha Foundation Say About This?

The Isha Foundation has also published all these proofs that it’s not in elephant corridor on its website itself. Several instances in the past, during interviews also their representatives have refuted these allegations.

Why Isha Is Being Targeted?

Next question is, why is that Isha alone is being targeted when such sightings of elephants are all over Coimbatore?

  • They are spreading Indian Culture and Yoga big time in Tamilnadu
  • They clearly have stopped religious conversions & nefarious activities in that area



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