How movies in Tamilnadu are used for brainwashing public?

Actor Vijay, when he announced emphatically in a movie that doctors should treat patients for Rs 5, took more than 5 crores for acting in that movie. Of course, when doctors protest this kind of misinformation, it gets masked under the name of creative freedom of expression. The actor and the director go untouched, even after blatantly spreading wrong information and stoking the society.

Are there no doctors who treat patients for very less money? Sure, there are. Most of them are already rich and really service minded to not mind earning more money beyond a certain point. But advising it as a general recipe is completely impractical for doctors and sets up a disastrous medicine for the society, pun intended.

In Soorarai Potru, when Actor Surya dashingly vows that he will make everyone travel on air for Rs 1, he definitely took more than 1 crore for acting in that movie and by the way, he is only acting the role in a supposed biopic of one Captain Gopinath.

Some biopic it is — Gopinath becomes Nedumaaran (a localized name) and he has an inter-caste marriage (also not true in real life).

The real Captain Gopinath in flesh and blood was never against making money or against the rich, as is portrayed by a rich-bashing Surya who all the time keeps peddling communist prose. Captain Gopinath actually formed a deal with Vijay Mallya’s UB group to better his aviation wing’s fortunes and used that money wisely, whereas in the movie Nedumaaran gives the finger to a rich joker called Balayya who offers him cash for investment.

There are just too many glaring mistakes to call it a biopic in any sense. At best, it can be referred as an inspiration from Captain Gopinath’s life, which the director / producer has used for spreading their own propaganda conveniently. Anyway, for me, the movie was just average, more like a documentary and I could barely last through the endless shouting and screaming.

In the Mookkuthi Amman movie, Actress Nayanthara as the Goddess says “People who say there is no God, they are also OK”, peddles the by now well-known and well-rehearsed Dravidian ideology of selective atheism and by that I mean Hindu bashing. That a Goddess character says this makes it all the more ridiculous.

In the movie, the Goddess goes on to say Jesus is her friend but she advises generously to people against going to Tirupati Balaji temple. The irony is not lost on people — the movie director’s name is Balaji. Her logic is most ridiculous, that one should stick to one’s family deity (Kula Deivam) rather than going to bigger temples. In the Indian culture, Kula Devatas or family deities were never seen in competition with the macro deities, as the picture tries to portray. No Bharatvasi who understands something about Devotion or Bhakti would even dare talk like a macro deity is superior and a Kula Devata is inferior. One would visit a local Amman (Goddess / Devi) temple with the same devotion as one is visiting any famous temple. Devotion does not discriminate, but crooked movie directors do.

While the Amman says you do not need a broker to mediate between you and God and advises against follower groups, she herself maintains an active follower group. Well, the logic is sound — that there be no mediator between you and God. But why is it aimed at only the Hindus, whereas the majority of such flocking and ‘dealers of God’ to expunge you of any sins in life exclusively resides in the Abrahamic religions?

And the director RJ Balaji, whom I used to admire at one point of time for his social work, has proven that nobody is beyond the control of the Christian missionary forces and Dravidian politicians. The scenes that mocked Christian conversions and the Powerrrrrr episodes were removed not just from the movie but from even the trailer. But of course, targeting Hindu Gods, spiritual gurus, goes on unabashed.

No Hindu religious leader or Spiritual leader ever said any of these:

- That one should not accept a foreigner’s blood or kidney for medical needs

- That one should vote only for a particular political party

- That they should leave their family and go away

Such propaganda goes on though in Tamilnadu openly and rather blatantly in many Christian Churches. Many pastors, even today, openly advocate their believer folk (herd) to vote for the DMK party. They know the benefits of such government, having opened thousands of Churches in an earlier DMK regime.

In the Indian culture, we have always been portraying blood donation and food donation as the highest virtues irrespective of who is coming to our doorstep with such a request. Our spiritual gurus have never asked anyone to vote for a particular political party. People take monkhood or Sanyas with some gurus, not because they must leave their family, but to enhance their spiritual practices in isolation. Such practices are much more dominant and prevalent in Christianity, with thousands of women choosing to stay unmarried and become nuns. The travails of some of those nuns in India is another story which no mainstream media or movie will even dare attempt to say.

However, a movie director cannot and will not talk bad about Christians, in Tamilnadu can they? Hindus on the other hand are easy meat for any tom, dick and harry to cut into & chew upon.

I am not trying to instigate Hindus against Christians but am definitely against selectively interpreting something (and that too incorrectly) from one faith to bash its followers up, whichever religion or faith is being targeted. I like all of these actors and some of their past movie performances have been brilliant. But am certainly against spreading propaganda in the name of creative freedom.

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