Isha Is An Educational Institution

Isha Foundation may, after all, not need environmental clearances for its buildings because it does come under the bucket of educational institutions, as observed by the Chennai High Court.

“Therefore, when this OM has clarified that educational institutions will mean not only schools colleges etc, but also those that deal with mental and moral development, to us it appears that yoga centre built by the petitioner may be included,” the Court said.

The State Government’s Advocate General argued:

“We do not accept their submission that they are an educational institute. Seminary is a divinity school. Is yoga a divinity school? That is a dispute that the trial court has to see”

As per the AG’s argument, a seminary, which is a training college for Christian priests, is considered a school but an institution famous around the world for teaching yoga is not!

Does anybody else see the irony of it, considering Yoga originated in India?

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