Isha MahaShivRatri Celebrations — What is the Truth?

A view of MahaShivRatri Event Venue with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Facts, Facts, Facts

View of devotees meditating during the event
People enjoying the cultural events

Hidden costs in organizing the event

Why have paid tickets at all for this event?

All the areas marked within RED border are with FREE seating
Bird’s eye View of the venue

Were people really denied seating?

These ‘rich’ people also participated only because they were allowed in

Critical questions to ask

What is my final take?

  • The event brought together tribal community from all nearby villages. They participated very enthusiastically in the event throughout.
  • Sadhguru also said that there will be many trainings provided to the farmers community.
  • The cultural events showcased the dying dance & musical art forms in TamilNadu and how Isha has been vital in trying to keep them alive.
  • Lot of people were served drinking water in reusable tumblers and not in water bottles.

Seeker for life and interested in truly making India great again …

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Devil’s Advocate

Devil’s Advocate

Seeker for life and interested in truly making India great again …

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