Misquoting Sadhguru on Education — Part 1

Is the state of Government schools really bad in Tamilnadu?

YES — anybody who has ever been to a typical government school in TN will know the truth. There is no hiding it as the media records have made it very clear.

  • Letting the free schools be shut down just like that?
  • Letting its teachers protest for salaries just like that?
  • Lack of good teachers & No skill-enhancement options for teachers
  • No attendance from children because they have to work
  • Student drop-out ratio is high
  • Lack of building & school infrastructure

What can be done for making education better in Govt schools in Tamilnadu?

There are several suggestions that have been made over years to fix the problems with Tamilnadu Government schools.

Why Target Sadhguru?

But why did no one corner Scroll or IndiaToday for publishing their opinions about the bad state of TN govt schools?



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