Not Studying History Is A Crime

For most people, studying history is the most boring subject in their school life and rightly so, because that is how today’s textbooks are. But the purpose of studying history is to relive those great moments of the past, derive inspiration from them, and not repeat the past mistakes of even the so-called great kingdoms that lead to their downfall. Not studying it is actually a crime towards the country and Indian History is among the most decorated ones across the world.

The great Chola empire has a history ranging from 100 CE to 1200 CE and yet they get a pittance of 3 pages in our NCERT history textbooks. Tamil people are so proud of their culture but no political party here has cared to rectify this mistake over decades. The Vijayanagar empire that gave a golden rule back to India for over 3 centuries gets a huge coverage of 2 pages. Most people would not even know about the Ahoms, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, etc.

The Mughals and the British, who were essentially plunderers and invaders of India from outside, though get ample coverage of over 250+ pages in the same NCERT textbooks.

Already the effects of making the study of history boring are being seen all around us. When one does not feel proud about one’s culture and makes anti-national slogans, it is a direct result that one can see. And the indirect result is the hatred for certain communities and easily falling prey to the propaganda spread by political parties. You do not need to groom hatred within yourself against anyone, but not even knowing what mistakes we did in the past is plain foolishness in my opinion.

How many people can even question a political party on something like Article 370? This is not the ancient history we are talking about — it is recent history from the 1950s! If that is also “too long ago” — how many people can debate about the rights & wrongs of Operation BlueStar? That is only from the 1980s.

Heck, most people do not even know about the 26/11 attacks in detail. Most of India’s young folk are super busy fighting about Bigg Boss or some dumb TV show. It is time every parent resolves to change this.

If we do not rectify the curriculum in our schools soon, we will be mass-producing slaves of the west, in their thoughts, deeds & hatred for Bharat’s culture, which unfortunately is happening to a big extent already. Such a society is not something you would want to be in … it will degenerate so fast that most people won’t even know what hit them.

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