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6 min readMar 11, 2022


“When you cannot fight the cause a man stands up for, fight the man who is standing up” — This is an age-old trick employed by the colonialists and communists alike.

Rohitha is no exception. She gets all riled up because Sadhguru appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show and since she could not find a hole with the cause that Sadhguru is rallying for, which is saving the soil and which is ALL that Sadhguru spoke about in The Daily Show, she resorts to attacking the man in her most recent article.

While we are talking about hitting someone as a person, let’s look at Rohitha herself. Some of her previous articles were about:

  • Calling Arnab Goswami a government mouthpiece and Kangana Ranaut as insidious
  • Name-calling India’s entire legal system and trying to defame India’s Supreme Court over an issue of national security
  • Painting a saint label on the Jai Bhim movie, that sparked a national outrage for falsely and deliberately projecting an entire community in the bad light
  • Supporting Varavara Rao, a person who is arrested for instigating the 018 Bhima Koregaon violence and has been arrested under the Unlawful Activities Act on the charge of plotting to assassinate Indian prime minister
  • Legitimizing England’s stealing of the Kohinoor diamond from India

I have just taken a sample of her writings and if these do not show her hatred about India, its history, and the current BJP government, I do not know what will.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but when you leave out many facts & are known to project only those that fit your agenda, it’s time to throw light on that.

Rohitha conveniently brings out the controversies about Sadhguru alone and projects it to the world because she has a platform to write and deliberately leaves out what she does not want the world to know. And by the way, those controversies do not hold any merit, let alone a candle to the genuinely good work he is doing.

The newslaundry article Rohitha quotes has been debunked umpteen times and yet because it is a well-known leftist media, she will stick with a false narrative, and continue the blame game.

  • The NL article had said that the Isha center is in a forest area and in an elephant corridor. Recently the Tamilnadu Government, supposedly an atheist and anti-spirituality regime, had cleared Isha’s name stating the center is NOT in any forest area or elephant corridor.
  • The NL article said that the Isha foundation had no HACA approvals. But HACA did approve Isha’s constructions post-facto
  • The NL article said that Isha’s school promoting Indian culture is unauthorized and fell flat on its face when proven otherwise
  • The NL article demeans Isha’s Mahashivratri celebrations by falsely implicating it as the reason for increased man-animal conflict in the area whereas the National Green Tribunal rebutted its claims through their own investigation & found no faults with the event
  • The NL article says that Sadhguru rose to power because of politics whereas it is clearly proven that he has worked with all governments including the atheist & communist governments of various states for the social welfare work his Foundation is doing across India and that people genuinely see his worth elevating him to a certain pedestal.
  • As for CAA, it is well-proven by now that the anti-CAA protests in India were a funded attempt to get a particular community against the BJP government, with false information spread to the public.

I can go on and on with debunking the hatred spewed on Sadhguru and his Isha Foundation by media like NewsLaundry.

Let’s look at some of the good work the Isha Foundation has been doing. I would even argue that the true leftist will see and appreciate Sadhguru for his good work:

  • On the spiritual front, Sadhguru’s thought is that adhering to Dharma has to come out of the personal experience of transcending human limitations and by considering oneself as a mother to the whole world. Can there be a more liberal thought than this?
  • Sadhguru’s Isha Vidhya schools have more than 5000 rural children in TN and AP studying in scholarships, providing them FREE, very high quality, English medium, computer-based education for over two decades now.
  • Isha’s rural health clinics and rural mobile vehicles have been treating thousands of patients in surrounding villages for free. So far, more than 5 million people have been treated for various medical disorders free of charge across 7500+ villages.
  • During Isha’s biggest spiritual events of Mahashivratri, Guru Pournami, etc. lakhs of people are offered free food by the Volunteers, irrespective of their caste, race or gender.
  • Gramotsavam, the rural olympics conducted by Isha Foundation, has witnessed rural folk coming together for sports crossing the chasms of caste and religion, to erase the boundaries of humanity that kept them separated for generations.
  • The Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) wing of Project Green Hands has changed the lives of 1000+ farmers involved in it in Coimbatore.
  • Isha Crafts is an amazing community business model where craft products are made by tribals and rural folk trained by the Isha Foundation in a small-scale / cottage industry model. Many might not know this — the dresses that most people at Isha wear come from Isha Crafts primarily.
  • Whenever disasters have stuck in South India like the 2004 Tsunami, Gaja Cyclone, Chennai Floods, etc. Isha Foundation volunteers have provided extensive financial, food, and medical support to vulnerable populations.
  • So far more than 90000 people across rural Tamilnadu have been taught Yoga for free through Isha’s Action For Rural Rejuvenation efforts. Apart from this, millions of people’s lives have been changed through the free online yoga offerings of UpaYoga, Isha Kriya, etc. by Sadhguru.
  • The Isha Yoga Center where more than 3000 people are living. Everybody has the same rules. There are no rich or poor at the Isha ashram and everyone is treated the same way, irrespective of their social background.
  • The Adiyogi Shiva statue or the meditative space of Dhyanalinga is among the only few places in India where no social / gender / racial / caste discrimination of any sort is followed. People from all walks of life come here and benefit from yogic practices they can learn.
  • Sadhguru has always encouraged democratic voting and has NEVER EVER asked his disciples to side with any political party. He works with all the party Governments across India when it comes to Government policymaking.

In any other country, a man doing all this would be called a hero and because he has inspired a whole lot of people in a similar way, he would be celebrated as a national treasure. And he is a hero for many Indians. Just that some are so blinded with prejudice that they refuse to admit it to themselves.

When people love Swami Vivekananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, or Sadhguru, it is not because the West has a fetish with Babas from the East. The lifestyle of the European and American people is such that it induces a constant sense of fear and insecurity in people’s minds. When someone transforms such peoples’ lives by bringing a certain balance through yoga and meditation, they revere them. If this is what Rohitha calls as soft Hindutva, let it spread through the world bringing light into the lives of desperate beings.

Oh, I am not trying to project that Rohitha is all bad. I just wanted to call her bluff on this one.

She does speak about genuine issues as well. And THAT is the strategy that paid writers the leftist ecosystem employs. They talk about lies and truths and half-truths, all in the same breath. Their errors, even the deliberate ones like in this case of Sadhguru, when exposed, are white-washed as genuine mistakes. When they expose someone they don’t like and that person crumbles, for an untrained eye, they appear as if they are the messiahs of the world whereas, in reality, they are just as agenda-driven as anyone else.



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