Saving Marriage as an Institution

‘We can’t go West’s way; we need to save the institution of marriage.’

This is a bold statement that has come from the Supreme Court of India.

But why?

This came after the apex court deliberated on a plea — the quest of an unmarried woman to embrace motherhood through surrogacy.

The bench, led by Justices B V Nagarathna and Augustine George Masih, pondered, ‘Is the traditional institution of marriage at risk?’

In India, where marriage is not just a union but a sacred institution, the court mused over the welfare of children born outside this bond.

‘Being a mother outside the institution of marriage is not the norm here,’ Justice Nagarathna remarked, embracing the tag of conservatism with pride.

The court also suggested: ‘Why not marriage or adoption?’.

The debate continues — to preserve or to evolve culture?

What do you think?



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