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5 min readFeb 25, 2023


I can only imagine the kind of uproar amidst the “Guardians of Hindu Dharma” of His time when Krishna said that He is the Vedic ritual and the Sacred Fire Himself.

He said so many more things like this. How dare He speaks like that!? 😠

The Pandits of His time would have scoured their books to find that the Gita is not based on any prior scriptures and that He is talking from His inner experience.

Their mind-voice:

“Let’s cancel this fellow. He seems too dangerous as He does not fit into our scriptures.” 😱

And shhhh … don’t you dare even talk about dancing 🤐

“Dance is strictly haram as per Hindu scriptures”.

This Natya Shastra work is an embarrassment to today’s Dharmic folk. We hereby cancel Bharata Muni as an Abrahamic spy 😅

By the way, who the hell wrote this Shiva Purana? Don’t they have the basic sense to not write things Shiva danced to the music by His Bhuta Ganas? Let’s cancel those folks as well. They look to be too haram to our Dharma.

This Krishna had also, unfortunately, danced a lot with His devotees and regularly conducted the ras celebrations. Damn … if not for today’s Garba, we could have hidden this 🫤

Perhaps, we will take it up once we cancel Krishna and let people forget about His dance over time.

While we are at it, let’s also cancel these Chola folks who built that Chidambaram temple. They have done a serious injustice to the Hindu Dharma by showing Shiva in a dancing form.

What business does dance have with our culture? They should be strictly considered Adharmis.

Talking about Adharmis, these Brahma and Shiva are said to have appeared before many of the Rakshasas and granted them boons without even asking them first whether they were Hindu or not. After all, they were from different worlds, right!?

Let’s cancel Brahma and Shiva right away.

Oh, this Vishnu is also troublesome. He also seemed to not care for people’s religions and granted boons to people like Prahlad knowing very well that he was born to a Rakshasa from a different world. Who knows what religion that guy belonged to?

Let’s cancel Vishnu too.

OK, let’s count our strikes again … we have successfully canceled Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu for granting wishes and boons indiscriminately. We have canceled Krishna for not adhering to the scriptures. We have also canceled Bharata muni and the Cholas.

Oh, don’t you worry — we are only saving our Dharma by canceling all of them.

Disclaimer: This post is dedicated to those Trads who frown upon someone who doesn’t rely on scriptures and moreover danced to some music on Mahashivratri, without caring for what the lyrics of that song said or looking at the religion of the person singing.

On behalf of all such Trads, I declare that such free-willed and free-minded people be canceled on Social Media.

Never mind that they sway millions of youth towards Dharmic work. They simply should not have danced like that and that too dedicating it to Shiva 😐

If you are done with all the puns, let me tell you a beautiful story from the Shiva Purana — that of Gunanidhi, a boy born in a Brahmin family but one who does not do anything required of him by his family or his society.

He gets finally killed by guards while running after stealing food from a Shiva temple.

When the soldiers of Yama come to take Gunanidhi to hell after his death, Shiva’s ganas come to take him to Shiva loka.

When questioned by Yama’s soldiers, this is what Shiva Ganas say on why Gunanidhi became worthy of going to Shiva loka in spite of all his bad karmas when alive.

  • He lit a lamp for Shiva
  • He heard Shiva’s names chanted
  • He stayed awake on Shivaratri night
  • He witnessed the worshipping of Shiva Linga

They say, even one of these would have earned him the right to Shiva Loka.

Every year, on the Mahashivratri night, literally millions of young & old alike watch (both live and online) Sadhguru offering prayers to Dhyanalinga, stay awake through the night with him, and chant Shambho & Aum Namah Shivaya along with him.

Thousands of Isha devotees are initiated into a Shivanga Sadhana, observe austerities for a mandala and climb the sacred Velliangiri hills to have a darshan of the Shiva Linga there.

Lakhs of people (rich and poor alike) are fed on that night at Isha. And, millions of people register for free to receive the sacred Rudraksha as a Mahashivratri offering from Sadhguru.

So, if there is any sense in people, they will see the actual work that Sadhguru is doing and not go behind silly mental frameworks trying to cancel him on Social media.



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