Walled Gardens Of Technology

You might have heard the term “Walled Garden” in the technology sector.

A Walled Garden in technology refers to a closed and controlled environment that limits access to certain resources and services. It would be easier to relate if we see some daily life examples.

(1) Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are examples of walled gardens. They limit access to only those apps that have been approved and are available through the app store, restricting access to other apps that are not available through the store.

(2) Gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBox are also examples of walled gardens as they limit access to only those games and services that are available through the platform and restrict access to other games and services.

(3) Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are walled gardens as they limit access to only the content that is available through their service, restricting access to other content available on the internet.

So, essentially a ‘Walled Garden’ restricts its users to only those resources and services that are provided within the space and limits access to external sources.



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