Why DMK is irked with Maridhas

If you are not from the state of Tamilnadu in India, there is very little chance of you knowing about Mr Maridhas. He is a Youtube sensation and someone who many people have come to like as a sane voice, supporting students through various initiatives, exposing information about anti-national elements and definitely against the Dravidian parties in Tamilnadu.

Why is this relevant now? It is because #ISupportMaridhas is trending on Twitter for almost the whole day organically today (27th August 2019). The reason is the crude attempts made by the DMK party to suppress the exposures made by Maridhas.

Who is Maridhas?

To give a brief background about Maridhas, he is a social commentator and a writer. He is a college professor from Madurai and is a post graduate in Engineering with excellent knowledge on multiple topics like:

- Economics
- Politics
- Engineering (of course)
- Religion, etc.

Why is he becoming popular in Tamilnadu?

At times, he presents about Central and State Government schemes in a language that can be easily understood by the students and youth in Tamilnadu. It is not an easy task at all! All of us can criticize / destroy something but it is very tough to create something positive and tougher still to make people understand it. He has that unenviable job and he relishes it.

His videos and written posts are filled with facts and figures, which are quite difficult to counter, because he gives proper references for each of them.

Does Maridhas talk politics?

Yes, he does and unabashedly.

He claims he was a communist till the age of 20. After that he saw the kind of damage that communists are perpetrating to the national fabric of India and switched to the nationalistic idealogy. So, the beauty is that he understands the nefarious ways communists are working in India and especially takes glee in exposing them.

And he has never asked his students to vote for BJP. His signature statement is asking people not to believe anything blindly but to research properly before blindly believing in WhatsApp forwards and Facebook memes.

Does Maridhas talk about religion?

Another thing I admire about Maridhas is the tolerance he shows to other religions. Everyone knows how the conversion machinery is working in Tamilnadu. They are particularly abusive of Hindu culture and thought. But Maridhas did a wonderful video recently exposing this conversion factory without denouncing Christianity even once.

Why is DMK angry with Maridhas?

Maridhas posted a few videos recently exposing the activities of DMK in Tamilnadu and how they are acting against Hindus and India in general. This is the main reason why the DMK is filing cases against Maridhas.

  • 1 — Is DMK sympathising with Pakistan?

2 — Christian organisations in Tamilnadu and the secret support to them from DMK

3 — Maridhas on Article 370

4 — Exposing anti nationals and urban naxals in Tamilnadu

What is the case on Maridhas about?

DMK’s secretary R S Bharathi files a complaint on 26th August 2019 against Maridhas, with the Commissioner of Police in Chennai.

Bharathi, who is also a lawyer by profession, has called for criminal prosecution of Maridhas under Section 505(2) — publication of statements intended to create ill-will against a group of people — and is asking for deletion of Maridhas’ Facebook page and YouTube channel under the Information Technology Act.

The DMK is portraying Maridhas’ statements in favour of the recent abrogation of Article 370 as a hate speech against Muslims.

Is the DMK justified in filing a case against Maridhas?

There is nothing wrong with filing a case against somebody who is projecting lies about you. But not once has the DMK taken to traditional media or to social media to prove factually that Maridhas is incorrect in his statements.

On the other hand, DMK goons have openly made threats to murder Maridhas. The tweet has since been deleted but not before it got viral.

This simply shows how the DMK is using their media and political power to suppress any dissent against their political or idealogical agenda in the state.

Ironically it is the same DMK that cries at the national level that freedom of expression is being suppressed under the BJP rule and call Modi fascist a million times. Today, irony died a thousand deaths!

That is the reason why #ISupportMaridhas — we do not want the freedom of expression to die in Tamilnadu and India. We do not want healthy debates to die. We want to keep the anti-nationals exposed thoroughly and the integrity of India protected.



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