Yet Another Elephant Death & Fake Environmentalism

Step 1: Produce no proof but just make statements to that effect, just adding the images of Isha Center & Adiyogi statue — which have absolutely no relevance in the matter.

This is exactly how fake news gets sprouted and some influencers and dumb news media then picks this tweet up to parrot the same lines.

Step 2: Add more drama to the incident

Forest officials have also confirmed already in this specific case that it is private lands of a farmer.

Sigh … I think these guys have no idea called ‘burden of proof’ and who it lies with according to the law!

Step 3: Let some influencers pick it up

And the Periyarists and Dravidian ideology sympathisers obviously hate any spiritual movement in TN. So, they jump in generously with their views that though this incident happened in a private land, Isha has to be punished. What kind of logic is this? 😂😀



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